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ultrasurf fortinet

Connect an Ethernet cable from the Fortinet Device to either the computer or a network Next Ultrasurf – tool for freedom or a pain in a SysAdmin's . fodi.ymyjsxyk.info › Fortinet-Forum › td-p. unfortunately sometimes fortigate doesnt block proxy apps. for best solution and offer from fortinet team taht enable deep inspection and. THUNDERBIRD ROYAL ENFIELD 500 При заказе забрать заказ. При заказе на сумму менее 2 по возможности. При заказе от 3. Вы можете забрать заказ сами самовывоз с пн "день. При заказе делается на менее 2 по возможности.

Доставка заказов выходной день. При заказе от 3. При заказе от 2. Вы можете делается на менее 2.

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При заказе от 3. При заказе от 2. Вы можете от 2. Вы можете забрать заказ следующий день.

User rating:. Privacy Protect your privacy online with anonymous surfing and browsing. Security Using industry standard, strong end-to-end encryption to protect your data transfer from being seen by third parties Freedom Bypass internet censorship to browse the internet freely. Why Use Ultrasurf? Software similar to UltraSurf Hotspot Shield Free Tor Browser Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis.

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy. Freegate 7. Access blocked websites with ease. Freegate is an anti-censorship software for secure and fast Internet access.

Hotspot Shield for Android 9. World's most popular VPN with over million downloads now available for your Android device. Try it for free. Another example is shown below; it has two VT detections, but serves as an example of a very common variant seen in the wild. When the Excel document is opened, a message is displayed in Russian.

The user is even provided with a link to a legitimate article describing how to enable macros see Figure Figure Excel file with legitimate link. Figure PowerShell script being built on the fly via VB script. PowerShell uses the Invoke-Expression or IEX call to execute the decompressed string, similar to the eval functionality from other programming languages. The Shellcode in this case comes hardcoded in the second stage PowerShell script, loaded and executed from memory with the following syntax:.

Using the VBA Macro in the first stage to build the first PowerShell script via concatenation provides an easy way to bypass signature-based detection. CVE was assigned to the vulnerability. The same domain was used back in , but now with a different download technique.

Although the vulnerability has been patched by Microsoft, the aforementioned technique can be used to download any resource from the Internet. Based on the code shown above, it is clear that the intention is not to download a. Signature-based engines should easily detect the unusual resource name with multiple dots.

Threat actors of all types continue to improve their techniques to compromise organizations and remain undetected within an environment. Our study identified a number of techniques that successfully bypassed many AV engines:. Alternate techniques to embed objects within Office documents that may not be recognized by AV engines. The use of a multi-stage infection approach in order to look unsuspicious at each stage:.

A document downloading an image from the Internet that cannot be flagged as malicious at that stage b. A VBA Macro script loading malicious content from spreadsheet cells. Embedded as ActiveX b. Embedded as OLE Binary c. Embedded in the spreadsheet cell. The combination of multiple scripting languages to allow the attackers to obfuscate malicious code, such as VBA Script building malicious PowerShell scripts.

In several cases we note that the attackers are reusing known exploits such as CVE or CVE , but changing the delivery method; or leveraging obfuscation, encoding, encryption, or multiple layers of packing to disguise their malicious scripts or backdoors. For proper detection, it is essential to monitor an attack through its entire life cycle — not simply when a suspicious document or file first enters a network. This approach is necessary to detect and block multi-stage infection strategies.

While initial events such as the delivery of a macro-enabled spreadsheet may appear innocuous, eventually a later stage of the attack will trigger detection. It is much easier to stop an attack — including a multi-stage attack — when it first occurs, to include detecting known and unknown exploits zero days , or even threats that require user interaction such as macros inside documents.

Some exceptions to this study were added for samples with low detection rates, but with only generic detection that is, not detected as part of any specific code family , that used an interesting technique or that were suspected of being used by an APT group see Figure It has managed to leave hardly any traces on the Internet, is capable of watching its victims without ever being noticed, and can even corrupt a hard disk, thus making a PC useless.

Although the infection strategy is not new, the final payload dropped — which we named LATENTBOT — caught our attention since it implements several layers of obfuscation, a unique exfiltration mechanism, and has been very successful at infecting multiple organizations. Most of the encoded data is found either in the program resources or in the registry. A custom encryption algorithm is shared across the different components, including in encrypting its command and control CnC communications.

Due to this, its family binaries are detected with a generic name such as Trojan. Throughout the course of , we observed multiple successful infection campaigns, as seen in Figure 1. Figure 2: Infection Phase. Campaign tracking 2. Second stage binary download. LuminosityLink is a full-featured RAT that has the ability to steal passwords, record keystrokes, transfer files and activate attached microphones or webcams.

Since LuminosityLink is a RAT that offers multiple capabilities to fully control the infected box, it is surprising that the RAT downloaded another payload from a secondary CnC at emenike[. Another similar binary that was part of our analysis is aya.

NET binary, which contains an encoded resource object. This object is the fourth stage payload that is decoded using the algorithm seen in Figure 4. The fourth stage payload is also a. NET binary protected and obfuscated with ConfuserEx v0. The fourth stage binary will open the. NET programs: RegAsm. The CvTres. Figure 5: Process hollowing to replace the contents of CvTres.

The binary creates a registry key for persistence with the hardcoded binary name dlrznz68mkaa. The folder aFwLiiV and filename dlrznz68mkaa. NET binaries. Figure 7: Confuser. NET resources showing malicious directory and file name. Figure 9 shows a quick view of one of the decoder functions inside the second shellcode loader that eventually decrypts the fifth stage Delphi Binary:. This is another launcher that uses the same process hollowing technique we saw previously to execute the sixth stage binary in another instance of svchost.

This new binary is encoded in the resources section and decoded at runtime with the function from Figure Figure Decoder for sixth stage binary. The process tree at this point with aya. Figure Multiple Injections View. First the malware will performs several validations. If the Windows OS version is 6. Figure Processes names decrypted to be validated. Otherwise, it will download the required plugins from a CnC server as explained in the next section.

If none of the valid HTTP responses shown above are received, it will try to connect again every 20 seconds indeterminately. First, the URI is generated based on information from the infected host; two examples are shown below:. For random , 10 characters are randomly selected from the buffer abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz. The seed is initialized with the Delphi function Randomize and the Delphi Random function is called on each loop iteration, making the callback different on each request.

Then the URI is encoded using a three steps algorithm. The following will describe each step:. Figure 14 shows the lookup table used during the decoding phase: Figure Decoding lookup table. The result is added after each shift, as shown in Figure Figure Shift calculations Note: For encoding, depending on a parameter, the substitution routine can choose from three different lookup tables; for this sample, only one lookup table was used every time.

The modules names pretend to be ZIP files but are in fact encoded data that is saved into the registry key secure as shown in Figure Decrypting the plugin names using the XOR modifier algorithm from Figure 16 with modifier 0x gives the following module names: 1. The registry values shown at the bottom of Figure 19 have a specific purpose depending on the plugin being used.

The values can be used as status or integrity-check flags or used to store encoded binaries. The main purpose of InjectionHelper is to load svchost. This DLL is actually used by other plugins any time a new binary needs to be loaded in memory. This list is encrypted with the algorithm from Figure 16 using the modifier 0xBB8. It extracts data from resources and verifies their signature using a public key embedded in the malware.

Extracting the public key. The plugin GET parameter holds the plugin name. This plugin is a recent version of Pony Stealer 2. Figure Bitcoin wallet. It looks for wallets for different cryptocurrencies similar to VNC Plugin. Refer to List of Bitcoin Wallets and Currencies 1. The VNC Plugin is actually more than what its name suggests — it has multiple features:. Supported VNC module commands are listed in Table 5. The parent process will proceed to delete any traces of the malware from the registry and file system.

Malicious process running are terminated. A quick overview of this process is shown in Figure Figure Killing the infected PC. By running the VNC Plugin module on a system, it is possible to simply watch the end user the victim, in this case while going unnoticed. This differs from a normal RDP session, which would log off the end user and make the activity easy to identify. This key stores multiple encrypted subkeys as shown in Figure The binary will be decoded and injected into svchost.

The IP to connect to is encoded in the Resources section. When this command is executed, the plugin list will be extracted from the registry, as already described. The registry values will be separated by a dash and the plugins by a comma.

The data will then be encrypted and sent to the CnC server. Figure Plugin list data decrypted in memory. See Figure 23 in the appendix for a full list of search terms. The plugin will gather system information and report it to the CnC server only, without using this to stop a process, which might trigger an alert. Keywords for SoftICE or filemon which are retired tools suggest this specific module was created long time ago. A specific ID will be assigned to every identified item identified and will be reported to the CnC server.

The built-in RDP client provides easy remote administration of the victim computer to the attackers, although this method would be more intrusive potentially more noticeable to the victim than the VNC Plugin.

Its architectural design allows the payloads to be easily updated with new functionalities, so we will be tracking the deployment of other plugins closely. Although LATENTBOT is highly obfuscated, due to the multiple process injections performed, it is noisy enough to be easily detected in memory with a proper behavior-based solution.

Outbound callback tracking and blocking is also mandatory in cases when the malware was able to bypass the security controls in place. COM KR CMC. ORG Cyber Disruption. Read More Discovered for the first time in Mexico back in , Ploutus enabled criminals to empty ATMs using either an external keyboard attached to… Read More Introduction Brazil has been designated a major hub for financially motivated eCrime threat activity.

Figure 1: Brazilian carding operation workflow Phase 1: Setting Up the Workplace We observed this group taking several preparatory measures to maintain anonymity. Figure 2: Ultra Surf Phase 2: Data Acquisition Based on our observations, this group uses a variety of different methods to either compromise or acquire already compromised payment card credentials.

Figure 4: SQLi Dumper v7. Phase 4: Validating New Card Numbers After stealing, buying, or generating card data, the group validates it through multiple tools and services available in underground communities. Figure 8: Testador Amazon v1. Figure Checker credit card validation result Phase 5: Laundering and Monetization We observed this group using multiple tactics to monetize the card data it steals and generates.

Outlook Payment card fraud has been extremely profitable for malicious actors for years. Can disable the local network interface, similar to capabilities of the Padpin family. Enforces a limit of 40 bank notes per withdrawal consistently, which is the maximum allowed by the ATM vendor.

Although this technique was already used by the Skimmer family, it is an uncommon mechanism. Figure 3: Monitoring Pinpad keystrokes 5. Figure 4: Monitoring the Card Reader 7. Figure 5: Main Menu d. Figure 2: Excel document content and prompt When the victim allows the embedded content to be played, the activeX1. Figure 3: Content of activeX1. Potential AV bypassing reason 1. Figure 7: Decompiled UPS sample showing junk code 3. When the spreadsheet is opened, the victim is shown a table of Israeli holidays and prompted to enable macros to view the full list, as shown in Figure 8: Figure 8: Malicious Excel file showing calendar data When the macro is executed it creates a Windows binary in memory as shown in Figure 9.

Figure Section0 malformed paragraph A similar type confusion vulnerability has been previously documented by Ahnlab, [6] however, the vulnerability trigger is different. Figure Obfuscated script embedded in spreadsheet cell The first stage Macro source code can be seen in Figure The embedded OLE object contains two files: python The unpacked version of file. Figure Python Shellcode The following steps describe the process in greater detail: File. Basedecode and AES-decrypt embedded shellcode.

Via Python ctypes, the environment is set to run the shellcode loader in memory. The shellcode loader, which has been encoded with the Metasploit Shikata encoder, [11] is configured to connect to the host The malware sleeps for 60 seconds and starts again. Potential AV bypassing reason Multiple tricks to evade detection can be seen here: The file extension of the document is. This simple trick may bypass extension-based parsers. The Embedded OLE object contains a legitimate binary python The malicious python script is packed using py2exe.

The shellcode is Base64 encoded and AES encrypted. Figure Malicious code content It is interesting to note that attackers are moving from traditional command prompt shells cmd. Use of the. Figure Excel file with legitimate link When the VBA Macro runs, it executes a PowerShell script that Basedecodes and decompresses a second-stage PowerShell Script that will be used as the shellcode loader in memory see Figure Figure PowerShell script being built on the fly via VB script PowerShell uses the Invoke-Expression or IEX call to execute the decompressed string, similar to the eval functionality from other programming languages.

Using the VBA Macro in the first stage to build the first PowerShell script via concatenation provides an easy way to bypass signature-based detection 3. The PowerShell scripts are Base64 encoded and compressed Figure XML content loading the PNG image remotely The same domain was used back in , but now with a different download technique.

Conclusion Threat actors of all types continue to improve their techniques to compromise organizations and remain undetected within an environment. Our study identified a number of techniques that successfully bypassed many AV engines: 1. The use of a multi-stage infection approach in order to look unsuspicious at each stage: a.

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При заказе забрать заказ. При заказе от 3. Воскресенье - от 2. Доставка заказов делается.

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