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thunderbird alternative linux › options › alternatives › ~mozilla-thunderbird-alternatives. As an alternative to Thunderbird, I prefer Mailbird. I love this email client and cannot look at other email clients, as it has everything that. › linuxquestions › comments › pprnqh › are_there_any_a. MANAGEENGINE DISCOVERY SERVICES При заказе от 3. Воскресенье - от 3. Вы можете на сумму сами самовывоз с пн.

It's Linux and Linux is all about choices. I feel more like I do than I did when I got here. Re: email client Thunderbird alternatives? Post by all41 » Wed Oct 31, am ajgringo thank you for you suggestion of Evolution. I will certainly explore that. Also thanks to tojglen for your input I am thinking a simple client to just retrieve my emails with no bells or whistles. Shultz Thanks for the link. Last edited by all41 on Thu Nov 01, am, edited 1 time in total. Post by kyphi » Wed Oct 31, am Following a recent malfunction yet again after a Thunderbird upgrade I wanted a change.

After investigating several email clients I settled on Claws Mail. It is fast, lean, infinitely configurable perhaps too much so and does the job admirably. Importing Thunderbird's emails was a breeze. Very efficient. It will do for me. Claws Mail has calendar facilities but I prefer to use the gnome-calendar application from the main menu of Linux Mint. It does not follow the user preference for first day of the week but that is easily changed by adding a line to that effect in the user locale setting.

Thunderbird is no longer being financially supported by Mozilla as stated on their advertising. They are calling for support through donations. The one with the least bells and whistles would have to be Mutt - command line only. Post by edkirin » Wed Nov 14, am I've been using TB for 15 years now and I finally ditched it because with latest version which came with Mint 19, minimize to tray addon was broken, and no other addons with this functionality exists.

It's really shame for TB devs that they never implemented that feature into TB, but left it to 3rd party devs to support it. Anyway, I'm with Claws Mail right now and I'm quite happy with it, even it's not perfect. Switched about 18 months ago to evolution. If you are running LM If LM19, no problems, the version in the repos is 3. Has the advantage of a built in calendar and integrates well with google. An alternative, if you don't need a calendar is mailspring - very pretty. Post by kyphi » Thu Nov 15, am If you need a calendar and who doesn't , why not use the one already installed in Linux Mint 19?

Add its shortcut to the panel to activate it rather than opening an email client first. It has the same functionality as Lightning with a weather forecast included. Mailspring cannot import your past emails. You have to start from scratch. I tried most already mentioned but went for Evolution and I am so far very pleased. Easy to set up and configure and contains what I need Mail, Calendar, Tasks and Memos however I will probably not use Task so often since I have other alternatives for that in my mobile.

The only things I so far has noticed that is not sufficient is the fact that it seems that it is only one-way for calendar sync. If I set up a meeting in Evolution it won't be visible in Google Calendar however the other way around works Well I can live with that, at least for now. However, to get the latest stable version on any Linux distribution, you might want to utilize the Flatpak package available.

KMail is a part of Kontact , a personal information manager, that was developed for and fits nicely with the KDE environment. It can also be used as a standalone email client on other desktop environments as well. It does install a few tools like KDE Connect along with some other important packages when you install it on a non-KDE desktop system, so if you do not want those, you can manually remove it.

On a KDE-powered system, you should find it pre-installed. For Ubuntu-based distros, you can install it using the terminal:. For any Linux distribution, you can utilize the Kontact suite available as a Flatpak package and get it installed. This way, you will be able to install Kmail along with some essential tools to make the most out of it. It aims to be a simple and fast email client primarily tailored for the GNOME desktop, but you can use it on other desktop environments as well. Blue Mail is a quite popular application for Android, so it continues its tradition of offering essential features along with some extras for a premium.

For individuals, it is free. But, if you are a business, you will have to opt for the premium pricing plans. The snap package should be suitable for every Linux distribution. You will not find it listed in your software center or the repositories unless you have snap integrated. Mailspring, formerly known as Nylas Mail or Nylas N1 is a next-generation email app built with open web technologies.

It has a really modern and slick user interface. Do note that many readers warn of terrible support by the Mailspring team, so feel free to give it a try if you do not mind that. Despite being a promising paid app, it seems that the Hiri developers have become unresponsive. Hiri is an email client specifically created for Microsoft and Exchange email services. Read the Hiri review to know its features in detail. It offered more or less the same key features but stopped developing for Linux.

If you want to stick to open-source options, Evolution, and Thunderbird are still the best bet, no matter what. Do you use desktop email clients or prefer the web browser? If you do, which is the best email client for Linux in your opinion? Technology aside, Munif is a TV Series freak and sometimes tries to do some creative writing.

I use Betterbird. What about BlueMail? I have been using it for about a year. It does have some bugs, I just try to look around them. Two limitations to me, one is some email can be added, but not working properly, for example, my Yahoo email and school Exchange email, both are popular email provider I think.

I use Spark in Mac, which is so so good. I even want to develop one myself tbh…. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Non-FOSS alert! Claws Mail. Mutt Interface.

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Better yet, you can customize the toolbars so you see only buttons for the functions you regularly use. If you prefer working in a terminal window, then your email client can't get much lighter than Alpine. It's a descendent of the classic Pine email client and lives up to its ancestor's legacy. Even if you're not a techie, you'll find Alpine easy to set up.

You can do the job within the application; no need to edit a configuration file. You write messages in Alpine's version of the Pico text editor, which itself is easy to use. It also lets you send and receive email over a local network. Don't fancy any of the four applications I just discussed?

Then you might want to check out these email clients. On the graphical side of the fence, there's Geary , which serves as the basis of Elementary OS's default mail client. Claws Mail is a fork of Sylpheed, with an extra feature or three. For the terminal junkies, there's the venerable Mutt.

While Mutt's been around since the mids, it still gets the job done. If you're looking for something a bit more modern, check out Sup. Do you have a favorite lightweight email client? Feel free to share your preferences by leaving a comment. Privacy Statement. What is an open decision?

Resources What is open source? Stay on top of the latest thoughts, strategies and insights from enterprising peers. Looking for a light and fast email app for your Linux desktop? Try these open source alternatives to Mozilla's venerable client. Register or Login to like. More on email. Top 5 desktop email clients Webmail alternatives to Gmail Email at the command line. What to read next. Scott Nesbitt.

I don't take myself all that seriously and I do all of my own stunts. More about me. Besides a customizable interface, this email application offers an array of useful features. Its quick and advanced search feature finds out the email, file, or image you are looking for. Using its Quick Bar, accessing an email is just a matter of one click. It lets you open multiple emails at once in multiple tabs. You can also mark folders as favorites for quick access. The data exchanges are encrypted, and you can use templates for sending emails.

Mailbird is a feature-packed email client that offers a combination of powerful features and a clean interface for smooth online communication. You can use snooze, send later, simple search, move emails to folders, etc. This Windows-based tool also lets you store personal and business emails separately. One exceptional feature of this email client is its support for third-party integrations for effective communication.

Download: Mailbird for Windows Free. Both the users of Windows and Mac can use this popular email client. Individuals can use this for free for non-commercial usage. Besides email, this app also comes with an instant messaging feature where you can share attachments as well. It also allows you to customize the theme and layout according to your choice. Download: eM Client for Windows Free. Spark is a well-known email app that you can use for free.

Whether you use Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android, it will offer you quality service with attractive features. Its Smart Inbox highlights the unread emails and also filters out newsletters to bring flagged messages at the top.

It also has the quick reply option that saves your time. It filters out junk emails from the view and lets you perform pinpoint queries using the advanced search. You can also attach multiple files from the cloud in an email. Are you a Mac user who wants to access email from your mobile device as well? Try Airmail —a sophisticated email client available on both Mac and iOS.

You can use it for free. You can add any number of email accounts in this app, while Its unified Inbox will let you view all your emails in one place. During deep work, you can snooze your inbox for uninterrupted focus. Its schedule later feature will let you schedule an email for any convenient time. You can utilize this email as a task manager by marking your email messages as To Do, Memo, and Done.

If your main focus is on privacy and security instead of simplicity, The Bat! A configurable MailTicker is the top feature of this email client. It looks like a ticker, runs on the desktop, and informs you of any upcoming email. Its other highlighted features are RSS feed subscriptions, email filter, securing attachments, etc.

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