Em client aliases

em client aliases

Ok - help please peeps! I'm looking for a Mac (M1) email client (not Spark) that has/supports: • Aliases • iCloud • Gmail • GSuite • Outlook • Send later • Spam. Since storage on the "home" SSD is precious I was easily able to (via aliases) store music and photo files an attached external HD. Unfortunately this is not. it would work the same way as the other clients and resolve the proxy / alias to the primary SMTP address. Anonymous messages sent from outside. CHRYSLER THUNDERBIRD Вы можете делается на менее 2 с пн. При заказе забрать заказ. При заказе забрать заказ. При заказе от 2. Доставка заказов делается на сами самовывоз по возможности - доставка "день.

Ismail Kilic. Good day! When I select to send from my alias address in the desktop mail client it sends and shows that it sends from the alias address. But when I go to outlook. It's really confusing for customer service people who have multiple cases open for me because of the different email addresses showing up.

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 6. Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Login to your account with a browser. How satisfied are you with this reply? If you don't want to install Chrome, you can install another provider and later select another WebView implementation in the developer settings.

We don't know of a workaround, yet. We recommend using the web browser to access your Tutanota mail account. Depending on the width of your browser Tutanota displays the left Settings menu, your folder list, your mail list, and the selected mail. Please use mouse-over in the web client to see what symbol represents what function. The Tutanota text editing tools enable you to embed images, add lists bullets and numbers , change texts to bold, italics, underline, monospace, add hyperlinks, align the text left, center, right and justified, change the text size, and remove all formatting from selected text.

To insert a template into the mail editor, please login to Tutanota in the browser or in one of the Tutanota desktop clients:. If you have created several language versions for this template, you can choose the correct one after hitting tab step 2.

There you can search for the correct template and insert it. Tutanota blocks automatic image loading to protect your privacy. To load external images, please click on 'Show' above the mail body to load the image for now or on 'Always trust sender' to always load all images sent from this email address. Please note that you have to allow images from a trusted sender on all your devices once.

In the case that mail authentication fails or is non-existent, images will not be loaded even if the sender has been allow-listed. Inline images are displayed directly as no external content needs to be loaded. When sending an encrypted email to an external recipient, you need to specify a password when composing the email. Once set, the password will be automatically saved along with the contact in your Tutanota address book, which makes your encrypted address book the password manager for your external contacts.

Next time you write an email to that recipient, you simply specify the email address and Tutanota automatically enters the password. The password needs to be exchanged via a second channel. If you would like to change the password, you can either do this within the contacts view or when composing a new email to this external recipient. Note: The link within the notification email contains a salt which is needed for decryption along with the password.

Thus, someone who wants to intercept your encrypted messages needs the exact link and the password. An old link gets deactivated as soon as you send a new email to the same email address. Watch our YouTube tutorial on how to send an encrypted email to external recipients. Spam detection in Tutanota is multi staged. In a second stage we filter emails by executing content checks and mark emails as spam or not.

Emails that have been marked as spam will be moved to the spam folder of your mailbox. In a third stage we filter spam on the base of user defined email sender lists. This list provides the possibility to classify email addresses as spam or not as spam. The check is active for all incoming emails and can be configured by the administrator. The rules are valid for all users. As administrator for a Tutanota account you can configure the email address list here in Settings.

Within a received email, please click on 'Show more', then click on the From address to assign the email address, the domain, or the top level domain with one of the following spam rules:. The "No spam" rule has a higher priority than "Always spam" and "Discard" has the lowest priority.

You can set spam rules for sender addresses highest priority , domains lower priority , and top level domains lowest priority. To add a spam rule for a domain, just enter the domain like xyz. This rule will also apply to emails sent from a subdomain. To add a spam rule for a top level domain, just put in com - for example - no dot is needed before this.

Rules for domains are restricted. You are not able to assign the rules "Always spam" and "Discard" to Tutanota domains, neither to your custom domains. You also have the option to allow all emails. How to receive blocked emails. You can click 'Refresh' to refresh the list in case you are waiting for a registration email. If a blocked email is shown here, you can allow the sender so that emails from this sender will reach your inbox in the future. To report an email for phishing, please click on the three-dot button to the right in an opened phishing email.

Then click on 'Report phishing'. You can access the encrypted calendar in Tutanota directly via the top menu bar. You can choose between monthly and daily view. When you click on a date, the calendar switches to week view. If you double-click on a date, you can create a new event. A pop-up with three options opens: 'Field', 'Value' and 'Target folder'. A pop-up opens where you can enter an email address that should be notified once a new mail arrives in your Tutanota mailbox.

Please login to Tutanota in the browser or in one of the Tutanota desktop clients. Click on 'New template' to create new template. For your template, enter a Title, a Shortcut, select the language here: English , the content. When using templates, you will need the shortcut to find the correct template.

The content will be added to the mail editor automatically. Here we explain how to add templates to an email or you can watch our YouTube tutorial on email templates. When you order the Whitelabel feature, you have two options: The Whitelabel feature is already included in the Pro subscription. Alternatively, you can order it separately in your paid account.

Your whitelabel domain can be any subdomain, and might look like 'secure. Now you can open your custom domain in your browser and see the Tutanota login with your customizations. Secure Connect - our encrypted contact forms allow you to be contacted confidentially as all messages are automatically end-to-end encrypted. Then you can pick another subscription picture below. Linux : After download, right click the AppImage and give it execute permission.

AppImage from a terminal window. Now you can run the App like any other executable, no further installation required. You may want to let it integrate itself with your desktop and app launcher. Windows : Double-click on the Tutanota app and follow the instructions on your computer. Enterprise mode Windows : The desktop client can be installed on Windows in "enterprise mode" by passing the following flags to the installer:.

Linux : This depends on your distribution. Please refer to the relevant documentation. Useful keywords are "mailto handler", "protocol handler". On all platforms, you may have to tell applications like your internet browser to use the system default mail app. Sometimes the browser does not recognize the newly installed Tutanota desktop client as the default mailto app.

If clicking a mailto-link does not open an email in the desktop client, please make sure that the Tutanota desktop client is activated as the default email app in your system settings as described above. You can find more details on our blog. The signatures make sure that the desktop clients as well as any updates come directly from us and have not been tampered with. Upon every update, the desktop client automatically checks that the signature is valid. You can verify the authenticity of your manually downloaded installer with the OpenSSL utility yourself as well.

For further details, please refer to GitHub, lines 12 to You need to activate the 'Run in background' option to receive notifications from the desktop client. This option appears in your notification area on Windows and in the Tray on Linux. When it is active, the desktop client will not terminate when all windows are closed and instead remain in the background to provide desktop notifications in case of incoming email or calendar alarms. If you can't see the tray icon on Linux despite the app running and the 'Run in background' option being set to 'Yes', please refer to your distribution's documentation to enable tray icons or AppIndicators.

On MacOS, this option is not visible, and the dock icon is always used to provide a context menu. If you still do not receive notifications, please check that you do not have focus mode, alarms only, or do not disturb modes on. You can also check the desktop settings of the client. In the settings window, search for "Tutanota Desktop". Click it and then click the "Uninstall" Button.

Mac : Right-click the Application in the Applications folder and select "Move to bin". FAQ Please also check our How-to section on this site to learn more about all Tutanota functionalities. Table of contents Get started Is Tutanota for free? How do I register a Tutanota account? Are emails to other Tutanota users always encrypted? How can I send unencrypted emails by default?

Can Tutanota encrypt emails to other email services external recipients? How to create alias email addresses? General questions What does the name "Tutanota" stand for? Is Tutanota open source? Does Tutanota use renewable energy? Is Tutanota certified? Can I use Tutanota for my business? Can I customize the design of Tutanota? Can I whitelabel the Tutanota design for my business?

What is Secure Connect? Is a calendar included in Tutanota? My calendar events differ by some hours between different devices. How can I fix this? Can I use Tutanota for team collaboration? Special offer for non-profit organizations Can we integrate Tutanota into our own product? Tutanota terms: What is an account? What is a user? Payment How can I upgrade a Free account and book additional features?

What payment methods does Tutanota support? Can I book a Tutanota subscription for multiple years? How can I redeem a Tutanota gift card? Terms and conditions of Tutanota gift cards How can I upgrade my Tutanota account with a cryptocurrency? Your Tutanota Password Tutanota secures my private key with my password. Can you access my password? I can't access my account. What can I do?

My password was stolen. What should I do now? Where can I view my recovery code? What hashing function is used for the password? How do I choose a strong password? Does Tutanota support two-factor authentication 2FA? Can I unlock the app with a pin or biometrics fingerprint, Face ID? When I log out of Tutanota, the browser or app always logs in again. What can I do to stop this? Security and Privacy Where does the encryption process take place?

What is encrypted and what can you read? Where are my keys generated and how is my private key secured? What encryption algorithms does Tutanota use? How are my emails encrypted with Tutanota? Where are the Tutanota servers located? Does Tutanota log IP addresses or can I use my encrypted mailbox anonymously?

Is my address book within Tutanota encrypted? Can I disable sessions remotely session handling? How can I view headers in my encrypted mailbox? Why is automatic image loading blocked in Tutanota? One of my emails is displaying a phishing warning.

What does it mean? One of my emails has a warning saying mail authentication is missing or failed. App, client, instructions Does Tutanota offer full-text search? Where do I find the Settings? Where can I request a new feature for Tutanota? How can I change the language in Tutanota? Where can I get the Tutanota app? How can I zoom in the Tutanota app? Push notifications on my Android phone are being delayed. Calendar event alarms on my iOS device are no longer being received. Why does the Tutanota app ask me to update WebView?

Can I change the notification sound for the Android app? How can I use Tutanota with multiple users at the same time? Where can I get the Tutanota desktop client? Why do I see "Could not access secret storage" in the desktop client? Is it possible to merge several Tutanota email addresses in one account?

Is there a dark theme in Tutanota? Why does Tutanota not use PGP? What browsers does Tutanota support? Via what browsers can external recipients check their encrypted emails? The development goes on. What comes next? What is the maximum size for emails and attachments? As an external recipient, can I re-access my emails later?

What are the benefits of adding another user to my account? Can I add alias email addresses to Tutanota? Can I use plus addresses for my Tutanota email address? Can I use a custom email domain with Tutanota? Does Tutanota use a spam filter?

Does Tutanota support inbox rules for filtering incoming emails? Are emails in Trash and Spam folder deleted? Are there email limits to protect Tutanota from being abused by spammers? Are email addresses stored automatically in contacts when sending an email? Does Tutanota support export and import of emails, contacts and calendars? Can I change the signature in a free account? Can I receive notifications to another email account about incoming emails?

Other Does Tutanota publish a Transparency Report? If I upgrade to Premium, can I downgrade to free again? My newly created account has been put on hold for 48 hours after registration. What should I do? I don't receive confirmation emails from services or newsletters. I can't register with my Tutanota email address at an online service. I have received an abusive email spam, phishing from one of your domains. How do I report abuse?

Where can I report a security issue or a vulnerability that I found in Tutanota? How do I delete my Tutanota account? Navigation menu How to improve my search results? Adding of custom email domains How can I use Tutanota in my organization or company with my custom email domain? How to book Secure Connect? How to send an encrypted message via Secure Connect?

When do I need encrypted emails? How do I register the desktop client as the default email app? What can I do if my browser does not recognize the desktop client as my mailto app? How do I verify the signature of the desktop client? How can I receive notifications with the desktop client? How do I uninstall the desktop client? Get started. Is Tutanota for free? General questions. What does the name "Tutanota" stand for? Yes, an encrypted calendar is integrated into the Tutanota mail client. Please check that the time zones of your devices are in sync, including daylight saving time.

Special offer for non-profit organizations. Can we integrate Tutanota into our own product? How can I upgrade a Free account and book additional features? Terms and conditions of Tutanota gift cards. How can I upgrade my Tutanota account with a cryptocurrency? Your Tutanota Password. Tutanota secures my private key with my password. If you can't login to your account, this has been caused by one of the following reasons: You forgot your password or lost your second factor : Please read How do I reset my password or second factor?

Your account got suspended due to unpaid invoices : Your account may be suspended if you don't pay your open bills for a long time. Just contact us in English or German if you want to continue using your account and include the email address of your suspended Tutanota account.

Your account was disabled due to another reason : Some accounts get disabled due to a violation of our Terms of Service. You can contact us in English or German if you think that we made a mistake. Please include the email address of your suspended Tutanota account. If the attacker had been logged in as well, changing the password automatically logs them out. Security and Privacy. Where does the encryption process take place? We can read only the following metadata: sender email address recipient email address date of the email We are looking into possibilities to hide the metadata in the future as well.

To guarantee the users' privacy, we have implemented the feature as follows: The IP address is stored encrypted, and only the user can decrypt this information. No one else - not even we at Tutanota - can access this information.

IP addresses are only stored for one week and then automatically deleted. To re-use the email address of the inactive account You need to create a Premium email account or use any paid Tutanota account you already have as the target account. Login to your lost account. Click on 'Help' as you can see in the screenshot above.

Enter the 'Target account address' and - if you enabled two-factor authentication - the recovery code of the lost address. When you load external images manually, please note that someone knows that you read the email. App, client, instructions. Does Tutanota offer full-text search? In the apps, you can zoom with a double tap. We plan to improve this behavior further. Here are instructions how to update WebView on your phone. Alice2, Alice3 as aliases to a paid account Alice1 : Delete the email accounts e.

Alice2, Alice3 Upon deletion, it is important to enter the 'Target account address' Alice1. Then you can add the deleted email addresses to the stated target email account. The size of emails with attachments sent via Tutanota is limited to 25 MB at the moment.

In paid accounts, only admins can create spam rules that are being applied across all users. Does Tutanota publish a Transparency Report? Premium Free subscribe unsubscribe. How to use Tutanota. Here you login to our mail client. Please enter your full email address and password and click 'Log in'.

If you tick 'Store password', your password will be stored in the browser for easier login. Only choose this option if you are using your own device. Click on 'More' to see more options. If you have saved your password, you will see two more options under 'More': 'Different account' to login with another Tutanota email address and 'Delete credentials' to delete the password you have previously saved in the browser. Tutanota supports lots of keyboard shortcuts.

Watch our YouTube tutorial on shortcuts here. Show header info: You can show the email header of received emails by pressing H. If the technical sender is different from the header info, Tutanota warns you about this. The differing sender information could be a sign that this email is coming from a scammer. Setting up a second factor 2FA in Tutanota. Tutanota currently supports the following second factor types: Security keys U2F , e. U2F is currently supported by Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

If setting up a second factor with TOTP fails, please make sure that the time is synced between your devices. We plan to support more second factor types. Please let us know via social media which ones you prefer! Authenticating with your second factor During login you have to authenticate with one of your second factors. How to reset your second factor if you lose it For resetting your second factor, you will need your personal recovery code and your password. How do I reset my password or second factor?

Please make sure that: You write your password down and keep it somewhere safe. You write down your recovery code to never lose access to your Tutanota account. In case you can't login to Tutanota, please make sure that: You have entered your email address with the correct ending, e.

The caps lock key is disabled. Administrator is available If you are a member of an organization or a business: Ask your administrator to reset your password. Recovery code is available Your recovery code is your personal code to resetting your account. With 2FA enabled, you will need 2 out of 3 to reset your Tutanota account : Click here to reset your password.

Navigation menu. Click on 'Premium' to easily upgrade to a paid plan. Click on 'Invite' to open a pre-written email in Tutanota, which you may use to invite your friends to join Tutanota. Please do so! Click on 'Logout' to log out. Please note: If you have previously saved the password, you are now logged out, but the password is still saved in your browser.

How to improve my search results? To search your encrypted mailbox, simply click on the top search field or press F. Adding of custom email domains. How can I use Tutanota in my organization or company with my custom email domain? Register any paid Tutanota account here. This will create your initial administrator user.

Once you have added additional users to your account, you can mark all - or just some - as admins. Your administrator s can configure all general settings and manage users, e. You have to choose one of the Tutanota domains for your initial admin user email address. You can later add an alias of your custom email domain to this user. You have to set a DNS record for your custom email domain in order for us to verify that the domain is yours. You will find the exact instructions in Tutanota when setting up your domain but you can also read about it here.

Add users i. If you have a large number of users, you can import a CSV file containing user name, email address and password. This is useful to automatically create all users in one step. Provide the user passwords to the users, so they can log in into their mailboxes. To book the encrypted contact form Secure Connect , you need to: Set up a whitelabel domain with Tutanota.

Then you can book and add Secure Connect to your website. Enter a subject line. Choose a password and repeat the password. In case you want to check for replies later, write down the password somewhere safe. Enter your message. Drag and drop files into the message field or click on the symbol in the top right corner to attach files.

They are automatically attached to the message. In case you want to be notified about replies, enter an email address at the end. This is optional. If you want to stay anonymous we recommend not entering an email address here. Click on Send in the top right corner. A random email address for your encrypted communication channel has been created.

Write down this email address and the previously chosen password to re-access your encrypted communication channel later. Instruction on updating WebView on Android. To enable developer settings: Open up your Settings app. Keep tapping until the process is complete. Navigation menu: Emails and Folders. To add folders, please click the plus symbol in the left folder view. A pop-up opens where you can enter the folder name.

The newly created folder will be sorted alphabetically under 'Your Folders'. You can add as many folders as you need. To edit this folder later, click on the folder. Then click the symbol with the three dots next to the folder. You can 'Rename' this folder, or 'Delete' it. Please note: If you delete a folder all mails are immediately physically deleted. Make sure to have selected the right folder before hitting 'Delete'. If you are in the 'Trash' or 'Spam' folder, you can click the 'empty folder' symbol next to the folder to completely empty this folder.

When you click this symbol, all mails are physically deleted. Physical deletion means that these mails can never be restored, not by you, not by us. They are wiped from our servers. Spam folder: Tutanota automatically puts suspected spam into this folder. If you delete a mail from this folder, it does not go to Trash, but it is physically deleted. You can use multi-select on desktop press Shift or Ctrl while selecting and deselecting specific mails and mobile activated by a long press.

You can drag and drop all selected emails to your local file system by pressing ctrl or alt while dragging. You can click the symbols displayed to the right: 'Cancel', 'Move', 'Delete', or the three dots. When you click the three dots, you can choose one of the following options: 'Mark unread', 'Mark read' or 'Export'. In the Tutanota app you can swipe a mail left, then it goes to Trash.

If you swipe a mail right, it goes to Archive. Email handling. When you select an email, these options show up to its top. When you click this symbol, a folder list opens where you can choose a folder to move the email to. If you want to print an email as pdf, you can use the browser function for printing. In an opened email, you can click the sender. A pop-up opens where you can show and edit this contact in your address book. You can also click on 'Add inbox rule' part of all paid plans or 'Add spam rule' so that future mails from this contact are automatically moved to a specific folder.

With a paid subscription, you can also click 'Add inbox rule' to send all new emails from this sender to a particular folder. Find more details on 'Inbox rules' under section 'Email'. Sending of emails Condensed email window. Click on 'New email' in the top left corner to compose a new email. When you enter an email address into the 'To'-field, Tutanota shows you the preview of matching email addresses from your address book.

You can hit 'Enter' to choose the first email address shown or you can keep on typing. Once you have entered an email address in the 'To'-field, the 'Confidential'-button appears in the 'Subject' line. Click on it to send this mail not end-to-end encrypted. Emails to other Tutanota users are always end-to-end encrypted; there is no option to disable this. Below the recipient's email address of an encrypted mail, you enter the 'Password' for the recipient, which you need to share with your recipient via a different channel.

Write your email like you are used to from other webmail services. When you click 'Send', Tutanota automatically encrypts subject, body and attachments for you. Enlarged email window. After enlarging it, you can enter Cc- and Bcc-recipients. If you have added an alias in 'Settings', you can also change the email address you want to send from by clicking on the pen symbol next to the 'Sender' email address.

This makes your alias the default sender, the Tutanota address will still remain the main account address name in tab which can't be changed. External recipients of an end-to-end encrypted email receive a notification mail from your Tutanota email address. You can choose the language of this notification email by clicking on the pen symbol on the right in this screenshot: English is chosen.

When writing an email you can use these text editing tools Please use mouse-over in the web client to see what symbol represents what function. Insert a template into an email. To insert a template into the mail editor, please login to Tutanota in the browser or in one of the Tutanota desktop clients: Type " " and the shortcut you defined when creating the template. Hit tab. The template gets inserted into the mail editor automatically. Load external pictures.

Encrypted email to external recipient. The external recipient receives a notification email with a link to Tutanota browser opens up , enters the exchanged password, can read the automatically decrypted email, reply confidentially, export all exchanged messages and save them locally.

Spam detection rules. Within a received email, please click on 'Show more', then click on the From address to assign the email address, the domain, or the top level domain with one of the following spam rules: Not spam - Emails from this sender email address are always stored in the inbox.

Always spam - Emails from this sender email address will always be stored in the spam folder. Discard - Emails from this sender email address will be silently discarded. The sender does not get any information about it. Allow emails blocked due to spam. Report an email for phishing. Navigation menu: Contacts. Each time you send a mail to a new email address, this address is automatically saved to 'Contacts'. Select a contact and you will get the option to edit pen symbol to the right or delete trash symbol to the right this contact.

You can also send an email to this contact by clicking on the mail button next to the contact's email address. You can add new contacts by clicking on 'New contact' in the top left corner. When you create a contact, you can enter all necessary information see screenshot below. The three dot button next to 'All contacts' allows you to import or export contacts via vCard and to merge contacts automatically. You can also merge contacts manually: Press Ctrl while selecting two contacts that should be merged.

At the top right two buttons appear: 'Delete' and 'Merge'. Click 'Merge' to merge the selected contacts. Contacts are sorted alphabetically according to their First Name. Your entire address book is encrypted, thus, no one can access your contact database stored in Tutanota. Create contact view. Navigation menu: Calendar. User Settings. Login info and session handling.

When clicking on the pen symbol next to 'Password', you can change your current password to a new one. The pen symbol next to 'Recovery code' lets you view and update your recovery code. For this, you need to enter your password. As we can't reset your password, it is important that you keep your recovery code somewhere safe.

Once added all second factors are displayed here. You can delete them by clicking the cross symbol next to each added key. Activate session handling to see who has accessed your Tutanota account. This information is stored encrypted and automatically deleted after one week. We only store client and IP addresses encrypted so no one but yourself can access this information.

Here you can remotely close sessions, for instance when you have lost your mobile phone and you are still logged in on your phone. This lets you check whether someone else tried to access your Tutanota account. All settings options for your emails. Here you can configure how you want to send your mails. If you have aliases added to your account, you can change the default sender address by clicking on the pen symbol.

You can also change the sender every time you are composing an email. You can change it by clicking the pen symbol. You can always change this for individual mails when writing an email. Please note: Search in Tutanota needs to be handled locally on your device as all data on our servers is encrypted. Thus, enabling search consumes memory on your device and might consume additional traffic. This can be any of the Tutanota domains or of your own domains that you have added to your Tutanota account.

Before doing this, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Please note : Aliases with a Tutanota domain can only be disabled, but not removed. Deactivated aliases must remain linked to your account in case you want to activate them again in the future. When you are using your own domain with Tutanota, you can delete aliases with your own domain and create new ones.

Field: Click on the pen symbol to define what field should be used for the inbox rule 'Sender', 'To recipient', 'Cc recipient', 'Bcc recipient', 'Subject contains', or 'Header contains'. Value: You can enter text such as an email address, a domain name or required content of the subject or header. Target folder : Click the pen symbol to define what folder the specified mails should be moved to automatically upon hitting your inbox.

Before being able to add inbox rules, you need to upgrade Tutanota. For inbox rules we support javascript regular expressions. More information can be found here. Push notifications Tutanota allows you to receive push notifications via other email addresses and via its Android and iOS apps. Push will be sent to your phone even when you are not logged in.

You can also allow your browser to send push notifications for Tutanota in your browser settings, but only when your are logged in. Appearance: language, theme, time format. My templates: Creating email templates. Admin Settings. Create a new user. Click 'Add user' at the top of the user list.

A pop-up opens where you can enter the 'Name' of the user, his 'Email address' and a 'New password' for logging in. Please note : Each user gets their own mailbox and login so each user costs extra. If you simply want to add another email address, you can also add it as an alias which is already included in the Premium package. Manage an existing user. Click the user you want to manage to see all available 'User settings'. Please note: Users can not be deleted.

If you deactivate users, you are no longer billed for these. You can also add the email address es of deactivated users as aliases to your account. Global admins can access the user management and change the passwords of users that they have added to their account. Local admins see only the users that they have been assigned to administrate. They can manage these users, including changing their passwords.

Changing of passwords for other users only works within one paid account. We at Tutanota have no access and cannot reset passwords. This option is only displayed once you have added a Group to your account. Refer to 'Groups: Local admin' to learn how to set up a group. This option is only displayed once you have added a contact form to your account. Refer to 'Contact forms' to learn how to set up a contact form.

Please note: Aliases with a Tutanota domain can only be disabled, but not deleted. When you are using your own domain with Tutanota, you can delete aliases with your own domain and add new ones. You can delete an entry if you do not wish to receive notifications to a particular email address or mobile device anymore.

Global settings. Click the plus symbol to add rules. You have the option between 'No spam', 'Always spam' or 'Discard' depending on a specified email address or domain name. Please find more details on the configuration of spam lists in our FAQ. Click the plus symbol to add your custom domains. You can add as many domains as you need. Details on using custom email domains with Tutanota in our FAQ.

Next to each custom email domain is a three dot symbol. When you click it, you can 'Set a catch all mailbox' or 'Delete' this domain. If you select 'Set a catch all mailbox', you have to choose which email address catch-all mails should go to. This is usually your main admin, but can be any user that you have added to your account. All emails that are being sent to your own domain that do not match any existing email address will be delivered to the catch-all mailbox.

Please note: Only administrators of paid accounts can reset passwords of their own users, e. Tutanota as the mail service provider cannot reset your passwords for security reasons. It contains important administrative actions, e. How to whitelabel your secure Tutanota mailbox for business use 'Status': Click the pen symbol to activate the Whitelabel feature for your Tutanota account. A pop-up shows up where you have to add your domain shown in the screenshots : Choose a subdomain of your own domain, at which you would like to reach the Tutanota login.

This must be a subdomain, a main domain is technically not allowed. Keep in mind that the DNS changes may take a while until propagated.

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I have a few aliases set up in Gmail. This feature would be helpful. My use case is sub-addressing or tagged addressing. Return-path appears to work as desired. Then I sent a test message from the new email alias and the email header contains the desired "Return-Path:. Yes, if it works for your situation, it is a very handy feature. I'm an "old school" email client addicted, once, to the Qualcomm Eudora client, and after it was discontinued, an orphan, never satisfied by the alternatives offered by the market.

Reading some reviews of eM Client, I was intrigued. It is the perfect compromise between flexibility and ease of use. The ability to export profiles and avoid configuring each new client again is an essential bonus. You're doing a great job! Excellent import features! Love it and so does my partner. He'll be using it the most and he said that he really likes the layout. Easy-to-find options for the everyday tasks.

It deserves the title "best client". I have had the old T-bird for years and with the purchase of a new laptop it was time to find an email client that was more in tune with my present day requirements. I absolutely love it! Thanks for the work you have obviously put in to create this app, it is a credit to the entire team.

I am a thankful user of eM Client, which I use several years already and I am satisfied with it. Recently I decided to make a change and made a deep test of another email clients, I tested almost every software available, including MS Outlook, Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat and many others, but the eM Client won again. Just a note to say thanks for building a damn good email client to replace Outlook. I've tried a few other email clients that bring together my four different accounts but none were as good as eM.

Today I found this app for desktop. I can't tell you how I like it! The best I ever used! Simple, clean, and perfect! This is to confirm that eM Client support staff is very professional and customer focused. They have solved my issue. Thank you!

Best email client I have ever used. Better than Outlook! Love it! Would be great seeing it on Mac. At the near end of Window Live Mail, I was scouring the internet for a replacement. Outlook is primitive in comparison and Windows 10 Mail is horrid. I found eM Client and I am a happy camper again. My email, contacts and calendar are at my fingertips as it was with Windows Live Mail. Thank you!! Great piece of software!

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