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It gives me a response that the IP is alive when I ping the host. For the tracert. It gives also responses. I can connect easily with UltraVNC when the VPN. Somtimes it will show alive and a few minutes later it may say invalid response. Do I need to replace the UltraVNC installs we currently. Allows to view a remote computer by opening a browser and go to http://remote-machine:http-port/. Allow Loopback Connections Sometimes this could. MANAGEENGINE FIREWALL ANALYZER PRICING При заказе от 2. Воскресенье - от 3. Вы можете делается на следующий день, по возможности - доставка "день. При заказе на сумму.

That was it - thanks for this tip. Along this there's another thing i noticed. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. I know that's very general, but I've been having a relatively hard time finding any IT related job that isn't basic help desk level one things. I work in a fairly high level position doing mostly EDI and Salesforce maintenance.

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Log in Join. Windows Server. Spice 13 Reply Contest ends Contests Share your data backup lesson in a reply below, and you could win one of 10 swag kits! Contest Details View all contests. OP Justin Thanks guys! This was resolved by restarting the server after doing all my checks.

New contributor pimiento. Can you ping the server? Spice 1 flag Report. Just a shot in the dark, have you verified DNS is correct? Sosipater This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Josh Dunbar This person is a verified professional. You can see it by using the System Monitor applet, attached to the Gnome toolbar. With this also failing with plain VNC connections, some further guesses would be faulty cabling, switch, or hub.

Or if you're using a hub, rather than a switch, too much traffic running through it at a time girlfriend watching YouTube might cause you to timeout. I'd double-check the wiring first, though. Especially if you have pets. I will take a look at it to verify though. I am using a switch. Two other machines are attached to the same switch are exhibiting no problems at all one of them is also an Ubuntu box.

Two other machines are intermittently attached to the LAN via wireless. The wiring from the affected box and the switch is a brand new CAT-6 patch cable. A little more information: I just VNC'ed over SSH to both Ubuntu boxs -- the one that is having the problem and one that is a much older box but still with 8. Both machines are physically hooked to the same switch different port, obviously.

Over a 15 minute period, the affected machine dropped off about 20 times, requiring a relogin. The other, older, established machine was rock solid the entire time. This leads me to believe that the problem is somewhere downstream of the switch -- the wire, the NIC, or the software.

Would that sound right? If this is a desktop machine without a wireless connection then try removing network manager using synaptic you do not need it. I have seen cases where network manager will keep trying to reconfigure the network every so often - its worth a try.

Removed network manager, rebooted just to be sure. No change in the situation. Have you looked through syslog, see if the is any thing showing? The solution is to buy a new El'Cheapo router and toss the old one away. I recorded the times that I got disconnects and there is nothing at or around the timeframe that it occurred. It also disconnects when doing an SCP. Update: I think I have minimized the possiblity that the problem is with hardware.

I have changed the switch, replaced the NIC and changed the cable -- all to known working examples -- and the problem still persists. I feel that the problem is, at this point, more likely to be either the software or the configuration that is causing the problem. Does anyone have any clue what the error messages in the OP actually mean? I need to have this box working with remote access.

Either that, or I go back to Windows. This is a long shot in the dark, I've seen machines behaving strangely when they have an IP number issue. If you have a machine with the same ip address on the network you can get intermittent conflicts I am certain that the IP address is unique. I static IP all the machines on the LAN and have verified that everyone is still unique and seperate.

Thanks for the help so far. So far, I have not found a solution, or even a good explaination, for this. Any help would be appreciated. Closed your duplicate thread. If you want to continue your discussion in a new section of the forums, please use the "report post" feature and we will move it for you. It's easier for people to keep track of one thread rather than multiple threads. Never mind, just found this You say you tried a different switch, what about your router? What kind of switch hardware are you using?

Which version of Ubuntu are you using? Please post the output of the following commands: sudo ifconfig and lshw -C network. My apoligies, I was not aware of the protocol regarding placing a post in a different section. Thank you for the heads-up.

Yes, I have replaced everything network related. All of this resulted in no change. The version of Ubuntu was Hardy, but since I was getting no results, I nuked that installation and have just put on Intrepid. Again, no change.

I haven't even done the wrestling match with the NVidia card to get it to work at anything better than x that I had to do to Hardy. When this showed no improvement, I switched back to the original. If I am on the machine locally, I do not see any network interruptions while browsing or downloading or bittorrenting actually, I can only speak to the Hardy installation on that, as I have not configured the Intrepid install enough to actually do much on the machine.

I want to keep the machine as virgin as possible until I get this solved, so that I don't add complications to the problem. Are you using DHCP on the local network? Is the server wired or wireless sorry if I missed this answer in an earlier post. On the ssh client, try bumping the ServerAliveInterval to something much less That doesn't help VNC though. The machine is wired. Also, note that there is another, older machine running Hardy the initial install was Gutsy, and then upgraded with the upgrade utility that is essentially hooked up the same way different port on the switch, obviously, but I HAVE switched ports between the two machines to make sure that I didn't have a bad port on the switch that has absolutely no problem at all.

I have previously tried the ServerAliveInterval, with no change. I was merely suggesting that you try a shorter interval. Frankly I'm not confident that this will work but it is worth a try. Have you tried removing NetworkManager? It's been a couple days since I've read through this entire thread. If not, try removing it Ok, I tried the ServerAliveInterval at various settings around 10 1, 5, 10, 15, I had not tried removing NetworkManager on the Hardy installation, but I could not get a static IP with it running on Intrepid, so I have already removed it on the current 8.

Feel free to suggest anything. I am going crazy with this one. Particularly since I have another machine running 8. I could believe a hardware problem, but I have changed everything on the network from the NIC card in the machine clear through to the ISP's modem, including the cabling with no improvement.

I just can't get a handle on it. It acts like it is some sort of connection disconnect, but I don't see it when I am physically at the machine doing other things like web surfing, bittorrenting and downloading. Ok, here is a little interesting information on this problem. I don't know if it sheds any light on anything, but it was interesting.

As expected, about a minute or so into the copy, I got the message on the windows machine that the connection had been disconnected and that it was retrying the connection. I jumped on the Ubuntu box and did some pings to see if the network was down on that machine. I was able to successfully ping to a couple of machines on the network and to Internet sites like Google and Yahoo.

I could not, however, ping to the machine that was doing the SCP. I tried the experiment with a remotely located machine and had essentially the same results. Does that shed any more light on the problem or just muddle the waters further? I am completely out of ideas. You'll probably need to break out some network tracing tools which I don't know much about.

Been following this but not had more to add. One thought did cross my mind. Have you tried using the machine with only the 'target' machine on the network, this will exclude interference by any other system. Are you sub netting your network? I have tried to access the problem machine with three different machines; A Windows machine located on the same switch as the problem machine, a laptop that is connected wirelessly to the router on the same LAN as the problem machine, and a totally remote machine my work machine via an Internet connection.

Is there any way to monitor actually what is going on with the network connections? Hi, yes but were there other machines on the network at the same time. Are you able to set-up a network which consists of the router, a switch the problem machine and a target machine. This then excludes any outside interference. Edit - actually you do not even need the router, although then you couldn't use DHCP.

You may be on to something here. I didn't have long to test, but I was able to disconnect the rest of the network and hooked just the two machines together for about 15 minutes. The connection remained solid for the entire session. Now I will have to troubleshoot what is actually causing the problem. Weird, though, as I have totally replaced everything in the entire network at one point or another other than the actual machines, of course. I'll have to find time when I can take everything down for a while to play with things.

I would suspect that one of the other machines on the network has some sort of configuration error which interferes with the 'problem' machine. As a said in an earlier post I have seen a similar problem with two machines with the same IP address. I'm not suggesting that this is the problem here, but something similar could be happening.

Adding the machines back one by one would be a good start, see if any particular machine is involved with the inducing problem. It'll probably be this weekend before I can get some "quality time" with the machines. I'll let you know what happens! Well, it was an interesting experiment.

If I hooked the problem machine together with the wired Windows machine only , I could keep everything connected for quite a while longer than my patience without the Internet to peruse while waiting. As soon as I hooked in the Internet the path being a patch cable from the switch where the two machines are connected to the router and then a patch cable from the router to the cable modem , the problem cropped up. I replaced the router again with another router with no improvement.

I updated the firmware to the absolute latest version of the manufacturer's firmware -- no improvement. I'm not sure where, exactly, to go from here. I don't think going out and throwing money away on yet another router will solve anything. Does your router also do the DHCP bit and name serving? Could there be some confusion in routing once the router is connected, i.

What happens with the router connected but not the modem? Have you looked at your router logs? Hey, I have always been a bit confused by the IP number that you have shown Unless you have more thqan machines on your LAN you should be using an address like. From ORG Comment: This block is reserved for special purposes. Comment: Please see RFC for additional information.

I think you have an invalid LAN domain. Edit: Having second thoughts on this conclusion Do you still have the same problem if you just remove the switch and go directly through the router? Due to the way the wiring is set up, that would be difficult to do. The machines that are hooked to the switch are physically located away from the router and the physicality makes it difficult to run additional wiring to go direct to the router.

Do you get the problem if you disconnect the router from the mode, so that you have no Internet connection. Haven't tried that yet. I get yelled at by the two laptop users if I disable the Internet. I'll have to wait until they are off rarely to try that.

I'm positive there are better ways to troubleshoot this, I simply don't know them. Is your switch and all connected computers gigabit? If so, you could try bumping your MTU to something larger than Check your switch documentation to determine what the ideal MTU is. I only have one machine the wired Windows machine currently capable of gigabit, so the itch to upgrade has been marginal.

Hey I have had this exact same issue with a similar network! After some time it seems that I will loose my connection to my VNC server.

Consider, cannot connect vnc server using different wifi have thought

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