Thunderbird junk mail control

thunderbird junk mail control

For each account, go to the Junk Settings section and select Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account. Open Mozilla Thunderbird · From the menu, select Tools, then Account Settings · Select Junk Settings from the left navigation · If it's not already, place a check. How do I configure the Junk Mail Controls in Thunderbird? This page is showing a generic answer. To see a more detailed answer customized for you. EASY SETUP KEY CISCO E900 SOFTWARE Вы можете на сумму менее 2. Доставка заказов делается. Воскресенье - от 3.

Select a message and click on the "Junk Status" column in the message-list pane which will show a small "Junk" icon if the message is marked as junk. Initially, the automatic junk mail detection for incoming messages may not be very accurate because it has not been trained very much. Therefore, you should check your Junk folder every now and then to see if any non-junk messages have been accidentally detected as junk.

After the initial training period, the Junk Mail Controls should be quite effective in detecting unwanted junk emails. Note: Following steps are applicable for both Microsoft Outlook and Toggle navigation. Dedicated Server Hosting. How to enable Junk Control with Mozilla Thunderbird? Part 1 : Activating the Junk Mail Controls 1. Part 2 : Training the Junk Mail Controls Thunderbird uses "Bayesian filtering", a popular filtering mechanism which learns to differentiate spam email from legitimate email.

Was this answer helpful? Yes No. After you have logged into your Horde webmail account, you will be presented with the After you have logged into your cPanel account, you will be presented with the interface However, e-mail that you wish to receive will not be marked as spam, because Thunderbird's filter is entirely based on your actions.

More important, however, is that the filter is intentionally conservative in what it marks as junk mail. If Thunderbird can't quite decide whether an e-mail is junk or not, it will mark it as not spam. It's that simple -- after training, the filter simply doesn't create false positives. Jump to: navigation , search. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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However, be warned that spammers lie and do not follow the opt-out instructions; your reply could merely confirm your e-mail address and invite more Junk mail. Unfortunately, unless you keep your e-mail address private by giving it out only to friends, sooner or later spammers will harvest your e-mail addresses.

Spammers usually harvest mail addresses by scanning mailing list and Usenet postings and Web sites. If you post to mailing lists, you can use one of many free mail providers to create a public account. If your public account get swamped by Junk mail, you can always create another one. If you post to newsgroups, you can use a public account or post anonymously, depending on the newsgroup rules.

Mozilla will not automatically execute machine code in mail, and by default it does not allow mail to run script, so it is usually safe to open spam mail. However, if you forward a message to another person, be courteous and scan any attachment for virus as what is safe to you may be unsafe for another.

By default, Mozilla loads remote images in messages. You may not want this to happen because by sending a remote server a request to get an image you may confirm that you read the mail. If you do not wish to see any images, remote or stored in mail messages, or if you want to be able to turn on images quickly, open the View menu, choose Message Body As , and then choose Simple HTML or Plain Text.

Also, open the View menu, and uncheck Display Attachments Inline. By default, Mozilla will not allow mail messages to read or write cookies. To make sure this is indeed true, open the Edit menu, then choose Preferences. By default, Mozilla does not run script in messages.

Many users have requested a bounce feature which would allow them to send a fake unknown-recipient return message back to senders of unsolicited mail. The aim is usually to punish Junk mail senders by costing them bandwidth to receive such bounce messages. Unfortunately, such measures usually punish innocent bystanders.

Many junk mail senders fake others' e-mail addresses, and bounce would do double injury to these people. It may cost little for Junk mail senders to send and receive messages, but it costs network carriers to process both spam and your bounce messages, and your ISP may prohibit the uses of fake bounces. If you want more information about spam and spammers, visit spam. If you find these sites useful, be sure to bookmark them.

Last modified September 17, Document History. How do I bounce my message back to Junk mail senders? Click on the Junk toolbar button. Klez Make sure to correct the Junk control when it incorrectly labels messages either as junk or not junk. Other: [account] : select this to choose your own custom-named junk folder. Move them to the "Junk" folder : Choose this to move manually-marked Junk messages to the Junk folder. Delete them : Choose this to move manually-marked Junk messages to the trash folder.

Junk Mail Controls and Filters Junk Mail Controls runs after mail mail filters and applies only to the Inbox folder and its sub-folders. Opting out of Junk Mail Many spam messages include opt-out instructions. Prevent your e-mail address from being harvested Unfortunately, unless you keep your e-mail address private by giving it out only to friends, sooner or later spammers will harvest your e-mail addresses.

Is it safe to read spam mail? As far as privacy is concerned, there are a few things that you may want to know: By default, Mozilla loads remote images in messages. In this section, you can also select address books which will be used as a whitelist. Any messages from senders whose email address is in a whitelisted address book will not be marked as junk by Thunderbird.

In order for Thunderbird's junk filter to be effective, you must train it to recognize messages that you consider to be junk and messages that you consider to be not junk. So it is important to mark messages as junk before deleting them. Sometimes Thunderbird's junk filter might get it wrong and mark good messages as junk. Therefore, it is just as important to tell the filter which messages are not junk, especially on a new installation of Thunderbird.

Furthermore, you should regularly train the filter by marking a number of good messages as not junk - messages in your Inbox and messages that have been filtered into other folders. Marking several messages per week will be sufficient. You can select several messages and mark all of them at the same time. Unfortunately nothing in the user interface indicates whether a message has already been marked as "not junk". Thunderbird's adaptive junk filter is not an absolute barrier against messages from a specific address or specific types of messages.

If you need a stronger mechanism to stop unwanted messages, consider Blocking a sender. You can also create a filter to block messages based on subject or other criteria. Grow and share your expertise with others.

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